Labour and Salary

Real Труд у Работна Заплата ТРЗ Личен Състав

Bookkeeping and personnel accounting may seem like the same thing, but they are actually different. They are subject to different regulations and legislation.

We from "Real Accounting" ltd. take care of all the necessary administrative burden for important HR tasks, such as determining your employees' pay and maintaining their employment history records.

The Labour Code, which is separate from the accounting provisions, deals mostly with how to account for labour and wages. The Accounting Act, on the other hand, is the main legislation that governs accounting. This is the basis for the approach to payroll and personnel accounting, respectively.

Payroll accounting is a set of accounting serviceswhich are related to the movement and cost of employees.

  • preparation and registration of employment contracts, supplementary agreements and orders for termination of employment contracts with the NRA;
  • preparation and maintenance of employment records for company employees;
  • Preparation of civil contracts, invoices and receipts;
  • preparation and submission of sick leave and insurance declarations, calculation of holidays;
  • preparation of payrolls, recapitulations and other reports;
  • issuing employees with annual income certificates and other certificates relating to remuneration received or documents required for retirement;
  • Completion of employment insurance books and certification of length of service;
  • submission of information on the insured persons in the personal register of the NSSI;
  • preparation of all necessary payment documents for payments to the budget related to tax and social security contributions due.

With our knowledgeable team, you will be relieved of the burden of administrative work associated with your employees.

Staff Cost Accounting:

  • Monthly on agreement

    The price is directly determined by the number of employees in your company. For more information contact us please..